The Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch has been designed with the serious outdoor fanatics in mind and has all the features to back that up. I’ll be breaking it down in this Garmin Fenix 3 Watch Review review to help give you more clarity and you decide if this watch is the one for you.

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  • Incredible amounts of data
  • Suited to a variety of sports
  • Battery life up to 6 weeks

  • Expensive
  • Chunky Feel On The Wrist

The Specs

Watch Size/Dimensions51 x 51 x 15.5mm
Batteries or chargedCharged


Will The Watch Be Suited To Me?

This watch has been packed with the latest GPS features and some pretty sweet tech that would please even the easiest going people. So, in that instance, the watch could be suited to just about anyone, but don’t get too ahead of yourself. You’ll notice at the start of this review I said that if you’re only a “Casual Jogger” then this watch is probably not for you and I’ve said this for a reason. If you’re not frequently out and making use of this watch, then I would say that it’s going to be wasted on you and you probably aren’t going to be getting your money’s worth. Although, that’s not to say that this watch isn’t the perfect excuse for you to start becoming a little more outdoorsy. It certainly excited me and I’m confident that you’ll become a lot more outgoing with this watch on your person.

Now another factor to look at would be what sports or activities you do either on a regular basis or relatively frequently. With this being one of the higher ranges GPS watches, you can expect it to be suited to a whole variety of different sports/activities. Of course, the obvious one would be anything to do with running and this watch has a load of features suited to just that, but it doesn’t stop there. If you’re into snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding then you have the option to track the speed and distance at which your going, while it can also give you precise measures of your current vertical drop. You also might be interested in this watch if you’re an avid swimmer. You can use it to track all you’re swimming movements such as the pace at which you’re going and you’re overall stroke count. I’ve only mentioned a few sports here that this watch can be used for, but believe me when I say that this watch probably has data available for just about anything that involves you moving. At this point, some of you may already be feeling like this watch isn’t for you, which is to be expected as the whole point of this section is to give you a better idea of whether this watch is for you or not. But, if you are feeling good about it, then continue reading as we are only just getting to the good stuff!


You won’t be short of exciting features when it comes to this watch so stick with me and let me show you exactly what I mean.

Let’s get straight into the hardware aspect and look at what it has to offer. The first thing to note would be that Garmin has opted to choose buttons over touchscreen with this watch, with 5 buttons being fixated around the edges of the watch. This doesn’t prove to be an annoyance and in my opinion is actually better. A touchscreen is great don’t get me wrong, but I do find that with a smaller screen and my relatively large hands, buttons are a little easier!

Track almost everything! As previously mentioned, this watch can be suited to a range of sports and does a brilliant job in tracking just about everything you do within them. While there are of course limitations, you’ll always be pleased to know that you can look back and see various statistics of how you performed in you’re chosen sport. While tracking data with the use of GPS watches has become the norm with today’s technology, I was particularly excited with the extent of data that can be tracked with the Fenix 3.

The Garmin GPS watch app: So, something you will want to do straight away is get the “Garmin Connect” app downloaded, which of course can be downloaded free of charge for use with Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch. The reason you’ll want to have this downloaded is that this app is the hub of all your stats and personal achievements in the sports that you take part in. One positive note for all those that had previous Garmin Fenix GPS watches would be the ability to make use of this app while still making use of ANT+. While the watch will, of course, tell you how you are doing and what rate you are currently working at, it is nice to see a detailed breakdown of your past workouts, achievements and various other things. One thing that I thought was really cool with this app was being able to challenge your friends or other people around the world. Set your best scores in various different activities and then see who can top the leaderboards. Nice little feature!

Garmin Connect GPS Watch App

ANT+: ANT+ is something that you come to expect with the Garmin Fenix watches and if it’s something that you’re familiar with then I wouldn’t worry too much about reading this section! If your not, however, I’ll give you a quick overview of ANT+ and why it’s such a crucial component of these watches. ANT+ is essentially what makes the connection between things such as heart rate monitors and pedal power meters, to the actual GPS watch possible. The great thing about ANT+ is that it never stops working. Even when you’re not actually doing a workout, ANT+ is working in the background to ensure all data is being passed to Garmin Connect (mentioned above). If you want more information on this then you can check out the Garmin website where they go a little more in-depth on the subject – Garmin ANT+

How does it compare to the Garmin Fenix 2?

The comparison between the two Garmin Fenix watches can be judged on by a few small changes made to the Fenix 3. It’s fair to say that nothing, particularly game-changing, was added to the Fenix 3, but plenty to keep people pleased and wanting to buy it. Starting with the specs, the Fenix 2 was a measly 5 grams heavier with a weight of 90g, the screen size has not changed a bit, with both watches suiting a 1.2″ inch screen and the width is 2mm thicker on the Fenix 3 at 51mm. A notable feature to make any Android users out there happy would the Fenix 3’s compatibility with them. At the release of the Fenix 2, Android users had to deal with the fact that they were not going to be able to make use of the features possessed by it. Although Garmin did make amends later on by releasing an update which allowed Android users to make use of the watches features, it did go as quite an annoyance this wasn’t available from the start. But, Garmin learned their lesson and Android connectivity was available from the start for the Fenix 3.

Moving on to some other notable changes, the Fenix 3 has added a ‘Find my watch’ option, which is brilliant in my opinion. A watch can cost you just as much as a phone, if not more, so why shouldn’t this be an option? I’m sure this has been a lifesaver for many people! Planning on using this watch for swimming? Well, you’re gonna like this. While the Fenix 2’s main focus was to just look at you’re stroke count, the Fenix 3 actually goes as far as identifying what stroke you are doing, which will be very pleasing I’m sure. Other things such as achievements and extra notifications/alerts were also added to try and encourage the use of the watch.

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All in all, this is a watch that will please the masses. And I say this with a high amount of confidence. As mentioned before, this is a watch that can be suited to a whole range of different sports and activities, making me believe that this will be a people pleaser. Something that I can personally vouch for as it certainly pleased me. This isn’t to say it’s an amazing watch that has no flaws or ever has any problems. There are a couple of little things that can cause annoyance, such as the watch not always picking up you’re heart rate if it moved around a little on you’re wrist (kind of understandable), or sometimes having to wait a few minutes before a signal can be acquired.

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